[US-Korea Conference] Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium (IES) & Startup Pitch Competition (Dec 15 – 18, 2021 @ Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA)

KSEA(Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association) is hosting its 3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium (IES) during the US-Korea Conference on  December 15 – 18, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden  Grove, CA.  The symposium seeks to provide a cooperative environment for current and future aspiring entrepreneurs in the US and Korea to network with high-profile entrepreneurs and investors, listen to the stories of those who have successfully exited their companies, and learn about the best practices of startups, from protecting your intellectual property and assets to securing funding from venture capitalists and government agencies. The symposium program and additional information can be viewed on the UKC website and from the attached program overview.

For budding entrepreneurs, come pitch to potential investors at the Startup Pitch Competition about how your solution seeks to improve the synergy between the US and  Korea. We invite all entrepreneurial-minded American and Korean professionals to attend the IES during UKC 2021 and learn about growing cross-border business opportunities in the US and Korea today. About ten competition finalists will go head-to-head to compete for various awards, including cash awards. Additional details, including eligibility requirements and timeline, can be found here and from the attached program overview and the flyer.

Interested in competing? Apply at https://bit.ly/3jQzJ64 by Friday, October 1, 2021, 11:59 EDT. 

Questions? Send an email at spc.ksea@gmail.com.

We invite all entrepreneurial-minded professionals and students to attend the IES during UKC 2021 and learn about the continually growing cross-border partnership opportunities in the US and Korea. 

Thank you.

Byungkyu Brian Park, UKC 2021 Chair and KSEA President

Woo Il Lee, UKC 2021 Co-Chair and KOFST President

IES Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

Kyeong Ho Yang (Chair, KITEE) IL Minn (Co-Chair, Competition, Johns Hopkins University) Jeho Park (Co-Chair, Program, Claremont McKenna College) Kwangrog Kim (Co-Chair, Entrepreneurship, Primer Sazze Partners)

[삼양홀딩스 바이오팜 그룹] 의약바이오 연구소 수시채용 – 경기도 판교, Korea

삼양홀딩스 바이오팜 부문 의약바이오연구소는 신개념의 약물전달시스템(DDS, Drug Delivery System)연구와 생분해성 소재 기술을 보유한 연구기관입니다. 특히 본 연구소는 자체 DDS기술을 적용하여 기존 항암제의 부작용 감소 및 효능 증대로 개선된 항암제 개발에 성공하였고, 생분해성 기술이 적용된 생체분해성 수술용봉합사는 세계에서 3번째로 자체 개발에 성공한 의료기기로써 세계 45개국 150여 고객에게 수출하고 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라 최근에는 본격적인 Open innovation을 통한 합성신약개발 과제의 출범을 통해 글로벌경쟁력을 갖춘 R&D중심 제약회사로 거듭나고자 하는 노력을 경주하고 있습니다. 이에, 삼양홀딩스 바이오팜 부문 의약바이오연구소에서 함께 인류의 건강을 증진하고 삶의 질을 풍요롭게 하는 의약품 개발에 동참할 열정적이고 실행력을 겸비한 우수인재들을 아래와 같이 모시고자 합니다.

참고로, 화상 면접이 가능하므로 저희 사에 관심 있으신 분들의 CV를 우선적으로 저희가 확보(담당 : 김도현 사원, dohyun.kim1@samyang.co) 할 수 있다면 내부 논의를 거쳐 다음 단계 (면접 등)로의 진행이 가능하겠습니다.

■ 모집부문 (삼양홀딩스, 판교 의약바이오연구소)

[Teraimmune] Scientist I, R&D – Gaithersburg, MD

Job Description (TI-HR-013, v0.3 09-2021)
– Title: Scientist I
– Division: Research and Development
– Type of employment: full-time, annual employment renewal
– Available number of positions: 1
– Deadline for applications: 9/24/2020

The successful candidate will put their research efforts into discovering and developing immune cell-derived therapeutics for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas. S/he will participate as a team member driving research programs forward to the development and discovery of proof-of-concept studies for new pipelines of the business as well as research programs across different stages of pre-clinical live-cell therapeutics. The candidate must be motivated to design, execute, and interpret studies to develop new therapeutics and validate and characterize engineered immune cell therapeutic products but not limited. The fellow is encouraged to effectively and frequently collaborate with multidisciplinary teams.

About the Company:
TeraImmune, Inc. is a Maryland-based preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing immune therapeutics using regulatory T cells (Tregs). By combining target-specific receptors with Tregs, the company provides CAR-Treg and TCR-Treg technologies to help patients with autoimmune diseases. In addition to Treg immunology, TeraImmune is expanding its range of scope in immune therapies to other immune cells and biologics as well as cancer therapeutics.
For more information, please see website: www.teraimmune.com.

Primary responsibilities (include, but are not limited to):
The successful candidate must lead a project as a scientist to develop anti-cancer cell therapy. Expertise in design, perform and interpret data in vitro and ex vivo experiments with experience in immunology, cancer biology, or cell biology is required. Proficiency in cell biology assays that may include flow cytometry, ELISA, cell proliferation, cellular cytotoxicity, immune cell isolation from whole blood or tissues, cell culture and transfection is expected but not necessary. Previous experience with T cell biology with a characterization of immune cell subsets is highly desirable. Analyzing and presenting data in peer-reviewed journals or conferences is required. Working independently to manage time and multiple experiments simultaneously is necessary for this position.
The candidate may have to contribute to various projects outside of his/her own and collaborate with stakeholders from all relevant functions and must demonstrate clear and professional verbal and written communication skills.

Basic Requirements
• Major in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, or related areas.

• Ph.D. degree or M.S. degree with 4+ years relevant laboratory experience (job
level to be adjusted based on amount of prior experience)
• Strong organizational and record-keeping skills required.

The company offers medical and dental insurance. A 401(k) plan and student loan assistant program are optional. If required, the company is willing to petition VISA or green card application for the right candidate, but the applicant is responsible for his/her portions of processing and legal fee.

If you are interested in TeraImmune, please email a cover letter containing your interest experiences with a separate CV or resume as well as the contact information of at least two referees to HR manager at recruiting@teraimmune.com. Please feel free to email the HR manage with any questions and have a subject line of the email with the HR-number and the position title.

*TeraImmune, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a diverse workforce, including, but not limited to, minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, protected veterans, sexual orientation, gender identity Equal Employment Opportunity is The Law.

「포스트 코로나 시대 바이오헬스 분야 한국기업 미국진출 전략」 온/오프라인 세미나 (Washington DC, 주미한국대사관) sebinar materials (Presentation slides and recordings)

지난 7월 15일에 「포스트 코로나 시대 바이오헬스 분야 한국기업 미국진출 전략」를 주제로 보건복지부 메디컬코리아 거점 공관 지원사업으로 주미대사관이 주최하고, KAPAL과 진흥원 미국지사에서 공동으로 주관하는 바이오헬스 한국기업 미국진출 전략 세미나가 진행되었습니다.

회원 여러분들의 많은 관심과 도움으로 Online Webinar에 280여분과 Washington DC, 주미한국대사관 Onsite seminar에 30여분이 참석하셔서 많은 질의 응답이 진행되는 등 성황리에 완료 되었습니다.

관련하여 많은 요청에 따라 해당 seminar materials (Presentation slides and recordings)은 아래 링크를 통하여 다운로드하시거나 재 시청하실 수 있습니다.

도움 주시고 참여해주신 모든 분들께 다시 한번 감사의 인사를 드립니다.

○ 미국 내 바이오헬스 주요 클러스터의 특장점 소개: 박상태 COREE 미국법인장

○ 미국 내 법인 설립 및 절차: 김한신 변호사

한국기업의 미국 진출 사례

동부지역: 양세환 네오이뮨텍 대표

서부지역: 김현종 ASTA 미국법인장

Full Seminar Recording (including Intro and Q&A)

Seminar Recording