The 5th KAPAL Annual Conference & The 11th ABES 

Thursday, November 7, 2019 5:00 PM until Saturday, November 9, 2019 5:30 PM


다가오는 11월 7일과 8일에 ‘제 5회 카팔 연례 학회’ 가 시작이 됩니다.  특히 이번 학회에는 더욱더 알찬 토픽과 훌륭한 연사님들로 프로그램이 구성되어 있습니다.

1.     키노트 연설:
a.     고한승 대표 (Samsung Bioepis)
b.     이용희 대표 (Bridge Biotherapeutics US)

2.     스페셜 FDA 세션: 세포 및 유전자치료제

3.     바이오 인공지능과 머신러닝

또한 한국 식약처, 미국 CRO, 펀딩리소스, 바이오 관련법, 한국 벤처캐피탈에 관련한 발표들로 더욱 다양하게 준비되었습니다.  

뒤이어 11월 9일에는 NIH-KSA에서주관하는 ‘제 11회 Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium (ABES)’ 가 있습니다.  키노트연설에는
1. 박홍건박사 (Harvard University)
2. John Schiller, Ph.D. (NCI, NIH)
3. 임종식박사 (ret. USUHS)
4. 박찬모박사 (평양 과학기술대학)

그외에도 훌륭한기초 과학 연구와 신약 개발 가능성을 주제로 다양한 발표들이 프로그램으로 준비되었으니 많은 참석 바랍니다.

아래에 행사등록 링크가 있으니 잊지않고 등록하시길 바라며 , 주위에 관심있는 분들과 함께 많은 참석바랍니다. 혹시 이미 등록하셨으면 재등록 하실필요 없습니다. 감사드립니다.

궁금한 사항은 언제든지 contact@kapal.org로 문의 부탁합니다.


할인및 무료등록코드
For Registration, use one of the following codes, if it is applicable:
 – Speakers: Speaker
 – Sponsors: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Chair
 – KAPAL members: KAPAL
 – NIH-KSA members: NIHKSA
 – Academia: Academia, postdoc, students

감사드리며 학회에서 뵙기를 바랍니다.
KAPAL committee

You are cordially invited to the 5th KAPAL Annual Conference and the 11th ABES.  This year’s KAPAL Annual Conference has already over 20 sponsors and partners and is ready for you to engage exciting talks and networking in a broad range of experts in bioscience and pharmaceuticals.  Some of the highlights during the conference include:

1.     Keynote presentation by
a.     Dr. Chris Ko (CEO, Samsung Biopeis)
b.     Dr. Yong Hee Lee (SVP, Bridge Biotherapeutics)

2.     Special FDA session: Regulation on Cell and Gene therapies

3.     Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Biosciences

There are much more exciting programs during the conference, so don’t forget to check out

The 11th ABES will be hosted on November 9, 2019, by NIH-KSA.  Don’t miss these great back-to-back events to expand your networks and to explore a potential collaboration.  There are greater details about speakers and abstracts at the NIH-KSA homepage as well.

If you have not registered yet, don’t delay.  Click the registration link above and register today. 

We look forward to meeting you at the conference.
Best regards,
KAPAL committee

제 5회 카팔연례학회에는 특별 Door Prize 가 준비되어 있습니다.  
최신 갤럭시 태블릿과 갤럭시 이어버드를 11월 8일 밤에 추첨하여 3분 (1 tablet and 2 earbuds)에게 드립니다.

There is the Door Prize which you don’t want to miss the chance.  The Door Prize includes one Samsung galaxy tablet (latest model, value $399+) and two Samsung earbuds (value $119+). Check out the kapal homepage for more details.